Spirit of the Badge

School Zone Ticket - Fine Taken Away
Sunday, 30 October 2011 04:51

Yes, about 16 yrs. ago, in Erie, Pa. a police officer Richard Burchick, was shot and killed by a 18 yr. old kid, when officer Burchick was chasing him about a stolen car, reports of drugs, and gun fire comin from a car full of his buddys.

Officer Burchick left a wife and 3 young children behind.

Well the story deeply moved me, especially when they said what a nice guy and good policeman, officer R.Burchick was. I started visiting HIS TOMBSTONE, a few times a year, and was always overcome with emotion. Well one day i was in a School zone going 20 miles an hour instead of 15.All of a sudden a police car pulled me over and told me that, and said the fine was going to be expensive. After looking at my license and registration the officer out of nowhere told me to have a nice day.I was shocked that he didn't give me a ticket. Well to this day i really believe police officer Richard Burchick interceded to Jesus for me, because i would pray for his family and visit his grave about 3 times a year. You know they old saying, we reap what we sow. Thank you.May St. Michael the archangel intercede for all police officers!


It has been said that the next phase of human evolution will depend upon a decline in egotistical competitiveness and an increase in collectivity, not in the form of totalitarianism, but as an expanded sense of self. The psychoanalyst Otto Rank predicted that "creativity and mysticism... will become the foundation of the new psychological type and with him or her will come the new civilization". The levels of cooperation required in the future may mean that emotional intelligence and other forms of intelligence suc h as creativity and self-transcendence, will be valued over the intelligence measured by IQ tests. An intelligence centered in the heart is centered in the Self and therefore has a superhuman, transpersonal connection; the next phase of evolution, with its enormous challenges and increasing load of information, will require an integrated intelligence with access to the infinite.
-- Graham Brown