Spirit of the Badge

ingrid_dean_2011colorIngrid P. Dean is a detective sergeant and forensic artist, who recently retired from the Michigan State Police with over 21 years of police experience.  Ingrid helps promote her profession by showing fun-loving support, hope and optimism for fellow police officers seldom appreciated for their intuitive, perceptive  and  transient nature.

“Spirit of the Badge:  60 True Police Stories of Divine Guidance,  Miracles, and Intuition” began as a culminating project for Ingrid’s Master’s Degree in  transpersonal psychology and related studies.   The project grew as more police officers began to share their extraordinary stories, resulting in an informative, delightful, collection of exceptional, heart-warming experiences.

Ingrid has a B.A. in Art from Wayne State University, is a professional artist, musician and writer.   She is also a state-licensed polygraph examiner and teaches the art of detecting truth and deception.   Drawing upon her own knowledge and experience in different spiritual, psychological, and philosophical schools of thought, Ingrid attempts to share a fun, balanced, comprehensive perspective of law enforcement and the positive contributions they make.

And don't be fooled---Ingrid has worked the trenches, chased felons and wrecked cars!  In fact, she had her own near-death experience in the line of duty. She has put her fair share of felons in prison for life and simply chooses not to talk about that so much!

Ingrid is a pilot and loves to fly. She is an accomplished musician and studio artist. She loves to travel, do yoga, and be of service to others.  Her most recent passion is treasure-hunting with her underwater metaldetector (and teaching others how they can do this, too!).


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Coincidences are spiritual puns.
--G.K. Chesterton (1874 - 1936)