Spirit of the Badge

my unusual experiences during my 30 years as a police officer
Saturday, 29 October 2011 22:56

About 20 years ago I was working the 12-8 shift in a small city south of Boston called Plymouth. I was driving north on Rt 3 near the central part of the city when at 3:00A.M. I suddenly saw two bright lights floating around an apartment building which was situated East near the state forest area. I pulled over and got out of my cruiser and watched the lights, wondering what they were.

I looked to the west to check on the airport lights and they were off. I continued to look and the lights floated up into the sky and then they suddenly veered off into the atmosphere. I got back into my car and had my hand on the microphone to ask the dispatcher if he had any reports of lights but then thought negative on the idea. Within the next half hour, I received a call from a plain clothes officer wanting me to assist him in a early morning drug bust and he wanted to meet me for coffee. As I did, I told him of the lights and he didn't laugh! He stated to me that he saw them too and was afraid the guys would think him crazy so he didn't say anything either.

We always kept it secret but wondered what they were. I never could put a finger on it, but from time to time for the next 10 years I had other ESP kind of happenings, one was saving a fellow officer from falling through a hole down to a second story of a burnt out building. We were advised at role call to check a recently burnt out building for kids hanging around the area which was dangerous due to the fire. With flash lights in hand we walked upstairs to the second floor looking around. My partner was wandering around and suddenly I yelled at him to stop and don't move. Right in front of him was a huge hole. One more step and he would have been in it. I said to him. Come on, lets get out of here before you get killed.

When we got outside, he stated "what are you a witch or something?" How did you know their was a hole there? I didn't! I have had other experiences and weird things happen while on duty, but, It would take up too much writing here I'm afraid. Thanks for the opportunity to tell my stories in writing for the first time. I have told the stories to other officers now that I am retired and an artist now. I am very busy with my art and doing shows, finally relaxing and enjoying my retirement. Peace, Rita Quinn


Exceptional experiences are often shrugged off as oddities. Some people find them frightening and dismiss them. Some who have exceptional experiences are considered strange or even mentally ill-certainly deluded. Sometimes they are. These experiences, however, can touch the experience in personal and significant ways that cannot be dismissed as ideas of reference. Rather, they seem to catalyze a process that eventually can lead to the realization of the person's higher human potential. Lives, worldviews, and even identities can be transformed. When this process of transformation is initiated, an exceptional experience becomes an exceptional human experience.
--Rhea A. White
Article Becoming more Human as We Work
Transpersonal Methods for the Social Sciences, 1998