Spirit of the Badge

Ghost Man
Saturday, 24 March 2012 11:49

Living downriver I have been in a position to hear some fascinating stories -- some are warm positive experiences, some are benign, and others are truly scary if you are not prepared for the strange and unexplained things. Wyandotte in particular had long historic violent past, as anyone would know if they believe what they read. The city is old, it marks its place in the pages of history as the name of the aboriginal American Indian tribe called, Wyandot’s, who were close cousins to the Iroquois of the Niagara Falls area of Canada and throughout the east coast of New York and Pennsylvania. Wyandotte became more established first by settlers, traders, then immigrants and more business followed the area became fully sustainable until it organized itself as a village then a city. During the early 1900s through the 1920s, gangster wars raged in response to the Prohibition Laws and the ensuing bootlegging crimes claiming many lives all along the community and river.

Yet unexplained things sometimes really do occur out there more than most folks would like to believe I would think. I am not one of those strangely gifted people, but I am open minded to such matters mainly based my own personal experiences. As an avid reader of world and local history and having been in a position to witnesses many tragic and extraordinary events mostly after the fact you cannot help but see how some of these events have not left behind residual imprints of a time long since passed. My first occasion to see what I could not explain took place in the north end of Wyandotte on cold raining night around 3:00 a.m. or 3:30a.m. The temperature outdoors was cold, and a bone chilling dampness in late September, and an instance where you just do not want to be out in the weather.

I was parked in a patrol unit with my headlights out listening to the radio, watching traffic drive past staring directly east across the street facing the Detroit river. Most of the homes are large stately structures built to demonstrate their owner’s prominence and stature in another time.

While looking at nothing in particular I happened see something that caught my attention. Thinking I was watching an intruder prowling around, I clearly seen a man of medium height walking slowly from the side of the house toward the middle of the vast driveway. Several feet to the south of the driveway was a carport type shelter where at least four vehicles where sat dark, cold and wet. I will never forget. There before my eyes and from across street of no more than 60-80 feet in distance a man appears to walking from side of the old brick house across the driveway to a car. Although he appeared to be walking slowly across the driveway, it was much more like a gliding. Nothing strange you say. There may have been one there at one time but not during that night. His dress and attire was odd because it was rainy and cold and his appearance was that of period clothing perhaps 1920s or something and he was not wearing an overcoat or hat yet, he appeared dry and virtually unscathed by the cold rain. His overall general appearance was that of being luminescent meaning I believe that I could almost see through him. I watched in curiosity as he appeared almost see through and his gait was not that of a man wanting to get out of the elements quick, and he walked into a parked car and dissolved without the car door opening or interior lights activating. I knew exactly what I seeing even though my inner self was telling me what I thought I was looking at. I continue my position without movement as a means satisfying my human curiosity. I waiting several minutes to see the dome interior light to activate, condensation exhaust to rush out if the car started, or even see if the lights turn on but nothing occurred. It continued lightly raining and the car appeared as cold and dark as it did before my sighting. Finally, after waiting for another sighting and nothing else occurring I pulled away slowly cranking my head left as I examined the house. I was correct from point where I first seen this male figure on the south of the house there were no doors and not one lamp light was on in the house at the time. Is it true yes? Is it possible? I think yes, more than we care to know about.


Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.
-- Gilbert K. Chesterton