Spirit of the Badge

A brief knowing that policemen were approaching my car
Sunday, 30 October 2011 16:06

Hi, Ingrid. I enjoyed listening to your interview on Coast as well as the wonderful stories told by the policemen.

I haven't much to add, but years ago during a time when I was meditating on a fairly regular basis, I often had strange occurences, mostly fits of strong intuition. Those "knowings" usually helped save me or someone from danger, but an odd side effect was that I knew when the police cars would be approaching my car.

The time periods were sometimes only minutes before I usually saw the car coming over a rise, but the cars I felt most strongly were the ones with lights flashing. There was never any siren blaring, just the lights. I wondered if I picked up on the cops agitation or excitement.

The first time it happened, I felt something in my stomach that felt like it had to come up. My husband was driving and I knew he was driving about five miles above the speed limit, but I couldn't voice what was making me feel like I had to talk. Finally, the words just came out of my mouth, "We're going to see a cop on this road soon. Slow down."

My husband slowed down and bugged his eyes at me in about one minute when the copy came around a bend, his lights flashing.

The "knowings" about approaching policemen was never so strong again, but I knew what it was I was being warned about. After a while, the knowing stopped, but I must say it was intriguing or a while.

During the same time period, I knew when and how to avoid wrecks on busy Houston freeways when rain made the roads very wet. I avoided a head on collision one night on a country road when a voice told me to pay attention to an oncoming car. The approaching vehicle and I seemed to be doing a dance as I pulled into a ditch just as he came into my lane. I felt there was someone watching behind me on my right, the being with the voice. Oddly enough, I was never frightened, even when I saw his car door pass inches away from me.

But I never knew why I was so tuned into excited/agitated cops coming my way. Since my intuition seemed to be based on dangerous situations, maybe I picked up on their sense of danger at handling whatever made them rush to some scene.

Thanks for listening. Carol


Chance favors the prepared mind.
--Louis Pasteur