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Sunday, 30 October 2011 15:55

Hi Ingrid,

I enjoyed you "appearance" on Coast to Coast and thought I'd share my experience.

I had always wanted to "believe", but never had a real reason to, until an August night in 1977. I was a Rookie Officer of 21, I had been on a small city PD for 4 months. Keep in mind, in those days, you were put on the street prior to attending the Academy.

I was off duty, at home one evening, when over the scanner I heard units and an ambulance dispatched to XXX, XXXXX St. I knew the address! It was that of a couple that I had known for a couple of years. They were an over the road truck driving team. They had two Daughters, 17 and 12,(I knew both well). They would be gone for days/ weeks at a time, the older daughter took care of the household when Mom and Dad were on the road, she was a mature young lady. I did know that she was "smitten" by an EMT who worked for the EMS, he was much older, and a user... This night was to be their first date.

When I heard to dispatch I went to the residence, they were bringing the older daughter out of the house on a gurney with a GSW to the chest. I took her younger sister with me, and followed EMS to the hospital. "Debbie" was for all intents DOA, Docs tried, but were unable to save her. I spent the next 6 hours trying to find her parents, the W.VA National Guard located them and broke the news.

It was ruled a suicide, the parents did not want an autopsy, but there were questions... One of the Docs thought she may have been raped, but there was no evidence. Remember, things were much simpler then.

Jump forward two weeks... I was at home, in bed when a "friend" called and asked if she could come by. "Shure, let yourself in...". I twas probibly an hour or so before she arrieved, and I was sound asleep, when I awoke, I was freezing! She was sitting on the bed, starring into space, when I asked her what was wrong, she said "it's not right... I'm not supposed to be dead, it's just not right, I didn't want to die...". This was not in her voice! She repeated this many times, all along starring straight ahead. The whole time, I was freezing,( and this was August). She finely laid down and went to sleep.

This person had no knowledge whatsoever of the person who died, nor did she remember anything. She stated, while out with friends, she had an uncontrollable urge to see me. Almost like she was driven to call. She remembers the urge to call and driving 30 miles to my home, but nothing else. She was not drinking and of sound mind. I have never been so shook! This was real and it scarred the crap out of me!

I attempted to open an investigation on her "date" to no avail. He was a sleaze and walked on this.

We are friends to this day and still talk about that night... As said, I had always wanted to believe, that night, I did!

I would be happy to submit it, and will gladly allow use of my name, however I would not, due to the loss of their daughter, use the names of others.

Please advise...


Doug Pixley


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