Spirit of the Badge

The Golden Shield
Saturday, 17 October 2009 01:36
In the summer of 2004 at 0230 hours (or around that time frame), my patrol partner and I was doing "routine” patrol, the one of our traffic patrols noticed a vehicle parked in the wood line of Pike field. When they approached the vehicle they had the driver step out and they started questioning her on why she was parked in the wood line. While they were talking with the driver a male step out of the back of the vehicle.
The patrol was unaware of this male and had not looked inside the vehicle. The male the walked up the officer that was asking the driver of this vehicle questions. The Officer then asked the male to step away until he is finished with the driver. The male did not take this lightly and went after the officer. Luckily this patrol was a two man patrol. The only bad this was his partner was use to working the desk and not the streets. The partner the place the male suspect in a full naked choke hold. The male the jumped up and dropped backwards onto the officer. When the officer hit the ground his weapon came free from his holster.
Upon hearing the gun hit the ground the male subject quickly picked it up. Both officers took cover while the subject held the gun up in the air and yelled what you are going to do now. The 1st officer the called over the radio 10-33(officer needs help) subject with an officers gun. When the dispatcher heard this cry for help he responded all patrols 10-33 pike field. I then hit the lights and started that way knowing I was a good 5 mins out going 10 over I requested to run code 3. When I received clearance I then know I could make it in about 2-3 mins.
When I was about 45 sec. out from the scene I noticed a dim golden light shielding my vehicle. Then a voice rang out so softly “do not fire no one will be hurt”. Upon arriving to the scene I noticed I was the 2nd patrol there and they had use a 4 oz can of OC spray and it did not have an effect of the subject. Just before I climbed out of my vehicle I now noticed the golden shield was brighter and cover all of the patrols on scene. I then heard the voice again it said “do not fire you will be fine”, As I pulled my weapon out and had the subject in my line of sight, the subject started waving the gun around like a mad man(to this point he has not pointed the gun at anything but the sky). As I was approaching the rear of the lead vehicle the subject looked up at the gun and then dropped it and went to his knees not saying a word or even making a move other than breathing. After Apprehending the subject the golden light had vanished like it was never there. The Next day was a range day it was time to prequalify with my weapon. While out at the range I cleaned my weapon and lubed it up to be fired. While out on the firing line we were instructed to fire the first 10 rounds. When I pulled the trigger nothing happened, not even a sound came from the weapon. The hammer went forward but nothing happened. Upon getting cleared from the range took the weapon to the arms room and had it checked over. Come to find out that the firing pin had been broke and the guide rod was bent and the guide rod spring was damaged.
I do not know how this happened as to I take very good care of my weapons. The arms room to this day does not know what happened to my weapon as to the weapon was looked over the weapon 2 days before the range. I’m not sure as to who or what the voice was, nor do I know what the golden light/shield was or even where it cam from, but I am glad that it was there. I hate to think of what could have happened if my weapon did not fire on the scene. After that event I never asked anyone if they had seen this golden light or even heard this voice. I didn’t even tell my partner about it due to what he might say. I a glad that someone has finaly given me was way to talk aobut this without judgement.

It has been said that the next phase of human evolution will depend upon a decline in egotistical competitiveness and an increase in collectivity, not in the form of totalitarianism, but as an expanded sense of self. The psychoanalyst Otto Rank predicted that "creativity and mysticism... will become the foundation of the new psychological type and with him or her will come the new civilization". The levels of cooperation required in the future may mean that emotional intelligence and other forms of intelligence suc h as creativity and self-transcendence, will be valued over the intelligence measured by IQ tests. An intelligence centered in the heart is centered in the Self and therefore has a superhuman, transpersonal connection; the next phase of evolution, with its enormous challenges and increasing load of information, will require an integrated intelligence with access to the infinite.
-- Graham Brown