Spirit of the Badge

Divine Intervention
Friday, 09 October 2009 16:58
It was in October(?)of 1988 and I was returning to my Dad´s in Birmingham, Al from working my shift at Tuscaloosa PD and a part-time job as well. Considering the 57mile one-way trip and the short time for sleep before going back to work the next morning, I never, ever stopped for anything until I arrived at home. I had been doing that same routine for several months.
That one night, I had an overwhelming thirst for a Coke on the way and stopped, money in hand, got my Coke and was back driving in probably less than 60 seconds. About 4-5 miles from my Dad´s I was the first car at the scene of a head-on collision. A drunk had crossed over into my lane and hit a car that would have been me. The driver of that car was ejected and died on the scene with me bending over him, trying to help. The drunk driver also died. I am a Christian and I believe in miracles. It was simply too much for me to accept as being merely coincidence.
At the time, I had been a law enforcement officer for around 14 years. I am retired now and am a Volunteer In Missions in Chile with the United Methodist Church. For a very long time I had no idea why I was spared and not the other man. I still don´t know - probably never will - but I do know that I am where I am supposed to be and doing what I´m supposed to be doing out of gratitude.

Exceptional experiences are often shrugged off as oddities. Some people find them frightening and dismiss them. Some who have exceptional experiences are considered strange or even mentally ill-certainly deluded. Sometimes they are. These experiences, however, can touch the experience in personal and significant ways that cannot be dismissed as ideas of reference. Rather, they seem to catalyze a process that eventually can lead to the realization of the person's higher human potential. Lives, worldviews, and even identities can be transformed. When this process of transformation is initiated, an exceptional experience becomes an exceptional human experience.
--Rhea A. White
Article Becoming more Human as We Work
Transpersonal Methods for the Social Sciences, 1998